If you have managed to reconnect to a bunch of old school friends and acquaintances but everyone is spread across the country or even farther afield, the chances of meeting up for a meal and a chat are slim. However, organise a school reunion for a year down the line and the chances of getting everyone together will be far better.

Planning for a school reunion is no simple task, but follow some straightforward, but vital tips and the whole process should go like clockwork. If you are not already an ace planner (which is unlikely given the fact you have been tasked with the job) then now is the time to become one as planning is key to a great school reunion.

It is imperative that you give yourself a full calendar year to plan your school reunion. There are many ins and outs and special requirements such as diets to consider and to get everyone together in the right place at the right time requires forward planning.

Getting a list of attendees and setting a date

After you have solicited the help of a couple of reliable people in your group you can assign responsibilities. One of the chief tasks for an organised, IT-literate type will be to get together a list of potential attendees and their email addresses. Once you have all the email addresses of likely “yeses” you can first create a social media vote for three potential weekend dates to see which one gets the most votes, then you can create a formal invitation that can be sent out via email, requiring RSVP. Of course, these tasks can also be delegated if necessary.

Choosing the venue

You have the date, now to find a venue. There should not be much of an issue finding somewhere free a year in advance, but the trick is satisfying all the specific dietary requirements and tastes of those attending. A little social media activity is required once more.

Create another little vote on your Facebook group for the event with: Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy free, Celiac and Allergies as the options. For those who vote allergies ask them to email which food allergies they have so you can alert the venue of choice. In addition it is worth a little poll on budgets for the day.

With this information in hand you are perfectly placed to find the right venue. You may wish to have a bit of entertainment – such as a DJ, magician or mobile casino. Definitely pitch some ideas on a social media poll to gauge interest. There is nothing like a bit of entertainment to create a convivial atmosphere. Make sure you turn up looking good and maybe check out a few fashion blogs to see the latest trends or turn up in 70s fashion such as heavy metal clothing.

Adding some nice touches

One thing that definitely helps avoid any of those dreaded moments when you can not remember somebody’s name is the printing of name tags. Believe me, this will be appreciated by everyone. When it comes to little touches, perhaps you can budget for some little favours on the table, a lottery ticket for everyone maybe. Something to serve as a talking point. You can also ask people to bring along a memento from the school days. After all it is the little things that make such occasions memorable.