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Ecole de Langues is a language school offering French and German to GCSE and A Level students, businesses or anyone wanting to improve or learn new skills.


Our Courses

learn french Wakefield

GCSE / A Level

AQA / IGCSE / Edexcel / Cambridge International

learn a language in Wakefield

Business French

Bespoke courses to help you communicate with French businesses

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Conversational French

Learn French for holidays. Planning to move to France or French speaking country?

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Why Learn a New Language?

learn a language to improve your travel experiences

Travel The World With Confidence

Being able to communicate in the local language can greatly enhance your travel experiences

learn french to improve your job prospects

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Multilingualism is a valuable asset in the job market. Strong communication skills can open doors to new opportunities, especially in international business.

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

Language is a gateway to culture. By learning a new language, you gain a deeper appreciation for the way of life of another people.

Become a Better Learner

There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes from learning a new language. 

Business Travel & Communication

You’ll be able to order food more confidently, ask for directions, and have more meaningful conversations with people you meet.

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Speak With More People

Speak to more people in their own language


Why Learn With Us?


Established for Over 25 Years

Experienced language tutors


Over 1000 Graduates

We have taught over 1000 people across various levels


Located in the UK

Based in Yorkshire


World Class Educators

World class tutors

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About US

Our Story

Ecole de Langues started in 2000 and has helped thousands of people to improve their language skills. We have worked in primary, secondary, colleges and universities as well as helping businesses. We also ran children clubs and adult evening classes.

Our focus now is on helping GCSE and A level students, businesses and people wanting to learn French or German for travel or people looking to move abroad. 


What Our Students Say

excellent French teacher

Imogen Marie

I was fortunate to have Anne-Marie as my dedicated French tutor for over 12 years

fantastic French teacher

Kathleen Raynor

I needed to learn French quickly as part of my work, and engaged the services of Ecole de Langues for private French tuition.


Frequently Asked

Can I learn French or German online?

Yes we offer online courses via zoom or teams

How long would it take to learn a language?

It depends on how much time you can dedicate to your learning and how oftern you practise.

How easy is it to learn a language?

Anyone can learn but we all learn differently and at a different pace.

Which languages do you offer

We offer French and German, but only up to GCSE for German students.

Which exam boards do you cover?

We cover the following:

GCSE: AQA, IGCSE and Edexcel

A-Level: AQA and Cambridge International

Which language is the easiest to learn?

This depends on the one that you will have the most opportunites to practise.

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