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Ecole de Langues is a language school offering French and German to GCSE and A Level students


What to expect


Our A-level lessons are tailored to your requirements but here is what you might expect to cover in a private French lesson for A-Level, building on the foundation laid in GCSE:

Deeper Dives:

  • Grammar and Vocabulary: A-Level French goes beyond the basics. Expect to delve into more complex grammar structures, like the subjunctive mood or the passé simple vs. imparfait. Vocabulary will expand significantly, focusing on more nuanced expressions and subject-specific terms relevant to coursework.
  • Speaking and Listening: Conversations will become more sophisticated, tackling current affairs, social issues, and cultural topics. Listening exercises will likely involve longer and more complex audio pieces, like lectures or interviews. The tutor will push you to articulate your thoughts fluently and accurately.

Written Skills:

  • You’ll develop more advanced writing skills, composing longer essays, reports, or reviews on a wider range of topics. The tutor will emphasize proper structure, argumentation, and the use of sophisticated vocabulary.

Exam Preparation:

  • If you’re nearing your exams, your tutor will likely dedicate time to exam-specific strategies and techniques. This could involve practicing past paper questions, learning time management skills, and understanding the marking criteria.

French Culture and Society:

  • A-Level French often places a strong emphasis on understanding French culture and society. Your lessons might explore French history, literature, cinema, or political issues. This can enhance your comprehension and give you more context for discussions and written work.

Independent Learning:

  • We will encourage you to become a more independent learner, suggesting resources for self-study, like French newspapers, podcasts, or documentaries.

Remember, customization is key. Just like with GCSE, a good A-Level tutor will tailor the lessons to your specific needs and goals. This could involve focusing on areas of weakness, preparing for specific topics in your coursework, or honing exam techniques. Open communication with your tutor will ensure you get the most out of your lessons.


A private French lesson for GCSE can be quite flexible depending on your needs, but here’s a general idea of what you might expect:

Needs Assessment and Goal Setting:

  • The tutor will likely start by getting to know you and your French abilities. This might involve a short conversation or a quick test.
  • Together, you’ll discuss your goals for the lessons. Do you want to improve your grades overall, or do you need a boost in a specific area like speaking or writing? Are you preparing for a specific exam?

Tailored Lesson Content:

  • Once your goals are clear, the tutor will tailor the lesson content accordingly. This could cover all four key GCSE French skills:
    • Speaking: Practicing conversation, pronunciation, and fluency.
    • Listening: Comprehension exercises with audio recordings.
    • Reading: Understanding French texts and answering questions.
    • Writing: Composing essays, emails, or other written pieces.
  • Grammar and vocabulary will be addressed as needed to support these skills.

Interactive Learning:

  • A good private tutor will make the lesson interactive and engaging. This might involve using games, role-playing activities, or discussions about French culture.
  • You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your French and get feedback from the tutor.

Additional Resources:

  • The tutor might recommend additional resources such as practice tests, websites, or apps to help you learn outside of lessons.

Remember, the beauty of a private tutor is that the lessons can be customized to your specific needs and learning style. Don’t hesitate to communicate with your tutor about what’s working for you and what you’d like to focus on in future lessons.

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