The Importance of Medicines Training

Medicines or medication training has many applications and is aimed at reducing the risk of errors in medication as well as encouraging awareness of the latest protocols and procedures for the safe administration of medications in a wide range of settings for people in various careers and positions. Depending on the sector, roles and organisations … Read more


Yorkshire Places of Interest Places to Visit Canon Hall Farm is a great place to take the kids. You can have birthday parties there and the grounds are perfect to have a picnic and just relax. York is a lovely place to go shopping and for something to eat but if you do go you must … Read more

How Gaming Can Improve Language Skills

Gaming is not just for fun. Some parents may baulk at an article that could suggest that an extension to the amount of time their progeny can spend playing the likes of Rocket League, Fortnite, Minecraft or PUBG, but I would suggest the sceptical read on to learn about some of the linguistic boosts gaming … Read more


If you have managed to reconnect to a bunch of old school friends and acquaintances but everyone is spread across the country or even farther afield, the chances of meeting up for a meal and a chat are slim. However, organise a school reunion for a year down the line and the chances of getting everyone together … Read more

Furnishing a French cafe or French themed kitchen diner

The French love their food and in catering companies across France, for anyone who has travelled or lived in France will vouch for the undisputed fact that when it comes to bistro design, the French do it best! Maybe it has those gorgeous, geometric black and white checked tile floors, or perhaps the owners have … Read more