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We offer Business Language courses in French for your employees. We use the European Language Portfolio to benchmark progress of each student.


What to expect

Business French

In a business French lesson, you can expect to focus on developing the specific skills and knowledge needed to navigate the professional world in French. Here’s a breakdown of some key areas you might encounter:

Vocabulary and Terminology:

  • A core aspect is building a strong foundation in business-specific vocabulary. This includes terms related to your industry, such as finance, marketing, or human resources, as well as general business terms like “entreprise” (company) or “chiffre d’affaires” (turnover).

Communication Skills:

  • The emphasis will be on practical communication skills you’ll need in the workplace. This could involve:
    • Telephone etiquette: Learning how to answer calls, take messages, and conduct professional phone conversations in French.
    • Meetings and presentations: Practicing delivering presentations, participating in meetings, and expressing your ideas persuasively.
    • Negotiation: Developing the skills to negotiate contracts or deals effectively.
    • Email writing: Learning how to write clear, concise, and professional emails in French.

French Business Culture:

  • Understanding French business culture is crucial for success. Your lessons might explore topics like:
    • Hierarchy and etiquette in French workplaces.
    • Meeting protocols and communication styles.
    • Business practices and negotiation strategies specific to French companies.

Real-world Applications:

  • Business French lessons often incorporate real-world scenarios to make learning practical and engaging. This could involve:
    • Role-playing exercises like negotiating a deal or giving a presentation to a client.
    • Analysing authentic business documents like contracts or reports.
    • Discussing current French business news articles.

Industry-Specific Focus:

  • Some business French lessons might cater to specific industries. If you work in a particular field like finance or law, the vocabulary and scenarios covered might be tailored to your professional needs.

Remember, it’s all about your goals. A good business French course will consider your current level of French and your specific needs in the workplace. Communicate your goals with your teacher to ensure the lessons are targeted and effective in helping you thrive in the French business world.

Our language tutors are native speakers who are highly experienced and qualified.

We can also tailor each language course to meet the needs of your business.

Depending on location our hourly rate starts from £40 per hour.

Our clients include:

  • The Ice Co in South Kirby
  • DB Cargo UK in Doncaster
  • Wesco Aircraft Limited in Clayton West
  • SIG Plc in Sheffield
  • Pinderfield Hospital in Wakefield
  • Cefco in Doncaster

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